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Janie Hampton is the author of fifteen books including social history, biography, fiction and text books. She also writes articles for newspapers and magazines. She is a well-known and experienced speaker on television and radio, and gives entertaining talks in theatres, colleges and at literary festivals.

Janie looks for opportunities to meet people, create connections and motivate others, and is committed to the empowerment of vulnerable people and communities. In 1991, she developed the British government policy on international reproductive health and her research led to practical strategies which remain government policy. She was shortlisted in 2012 for her work for the people of Malawi in the Tesco Mum of the Year Award. In 2014 she was asked to be Patron of the Malawi Association UK and in 2015 promoted a fundraising campaign for the thousands of people in Malawi made homeless by flooding. Her work has taken her from living with women in rural villages in Africa, to meeting the Queen in Buckingham Palace.

Janie is a member of The History Girls, a group of award-winning women writers of historical fiction and non-fiction. Every day of the month a different History Girl blogs her thoughts on writing, research, reviews, on any historical topic from the Stone Age onwards. Janie blogs on the 27th of every month.

Janie writes obituaries for The Independent and The Guardian. Here is one she wrote about Dame Anne Warburton; and here is one for The Guardian about Father Keble Prosser.

‘Hampton is well organised, with an excellent eye for detail,’ Sunday Times review of Joyce Grenfell.

‘Hampton's excellent book should be compulsory reading for everyone,’ Daily Mail review of The Austerity Olympics.


Cheryl Knight playing Joyce Grenfell in 'Turn Back the Clock'.
Cheryl Knight playing Joyce Grenfell in Turn Back the Clock.

The world premiere of Janie's play Joyce Grenfell at Work was performed on 10 July 2015 at the Ways with Words literary festival at Dartington Great Hall, Devon. Starring Cheryl Knight who played Joyce Grenfell in the recent revue Turn Back the Clock at St James Theatre, London and directed by Paul Knight.

Joyce Grenfell at Work was inspired by insights Janie received into the life and work of Joyce Grenfell while she was writing her biography. It is a monologue about writing a monologue. Listen to Janie talking about Joyce Grenfell with Matthew Parris and Arabella Weir on BBC Radio 4's Great Lives.

Two radio stations broadcast stories from Janie's book How the Girl Guides Won the War this summer. On BBC Radio 4, Kate Silverton tells the story of the British Brownies who were captured by pirates off the China Coast in 1935, and during World War Two were in a Japanese concentration camp with Eric Lidell. Listen again on BBC i player: Captured by Pirates.

This American Life is a web radio station and tells the story about the same Brownies in Weihshein camp. Both include recent interviews with the Brownies: Captain's Log.

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